Want to Work From Home?


OK … Let’s Get Started Then!

Welcome to the Work-At-Home Institute of New Zealand.

My name’s Jamie Fogarty. This site is dedicated to showing you genuine ways of making a better living from the comfort of your own home.

Obviously, the idea of working from home appeals to you – why wouldn’t it? First up – let’s talk about some of the immediate benefits of working from home!

The first and most appealing one for me is “No boss”! We’ve all had the boss-from-hell at some time or other, right – not to mention the manager-from-hell etc etc. Being independent of superiors with inflated egos and unrealistic expectations is a wonderful feeling – believe me. Not to mention all that stress for a lousy $15/hr if you’re really lucky.

Maybe you’ve got young kids and putting them into care while you go out to work is just not an option – personally or economically. Then there’s that whole new complication nowadays of the cost of petrol and commuting – at $2.20+ a litre it can be traumatising just getting past the front gate – let alone sitting in motorway queues watching your fuel gauge spiraling down to “empty” faster than you can drink your morning “flat-white-to-go”!

For sure – working-from-home is a total “no brainer” as our American friends like to put it!

But how? Is it realistic? How much money could I make and how long would it be before I could ditch the day job?

BIG QUESTIONS – lets take it slowly….



First up – YES – it IS totally realistic – people all over the world are working online at home and making GENUINE money – if they weren’t – there wouldn’t be such a huge affiliate support industry out there currently. So what do I mean by “affiliate”? Well – an “affiliate” is someone like yourself who owns one or more web-sites or blogs and places a click-through link from one of his/her sites to an online retailer. If someone from your site clicks through to the retailer and buys something on the retailers site – that retailer will pay you some money for sending that person. That is the essence of “affiliate marketing” – and the basis of the information on this blog – it is a fundamental and simple concept. There are many other methods of internet marketing – but affiliate marketing is the easiest to get started in.

There are numerous ways to generate affiliate sales online and I will be introducing you to the most ethical trainers (in my personal experience and opinion) in the industry as I develop this blog.

Next question….

How much money could I make? Well – that’s the ‘million dollar” question isn’t it – pun intended! Well….could you actually make a million dollars? Yes – it’s quite possible – I’m sure there are people who have achieved that and much more. But let’s not get too carried away here right now. Let’s be a little more realistic – it would be COMPLETELY REALISTIC for you to be making between US$100.00 to US$300.00 per week within a month working 1-2 hours a day in your spare time by following simple, high quality step-by-step courses such as Suzi Whitford’s powerful course called “Blog By Number”.

Blog By Number is a completely genuine training program designed to show you how you can start your very own blog on just about any topic you choose and how to profit from it in record time. The hardest thing about blogging is getting people to view and read your blog. In this business we call that “traffic”. Most blog owners rely on being found in Google to get their traffic. But that is the slow and unpredictable method. Suzi shows you how to quickly (in hours/days) get your traffic from the likes of Pinterest and Instagram. You can be getting thousands of clicks to your blog overnight – and converting that into income for you and your family very quickly. Let Suzi teach you everything you need to know here “Blog By Number” .

Another genuine method for making money online from the comfort of your own home, is the whole “indie publishing” industry (“indie” means independent). Regular people (just like you and I) are now writing and publishing all kinds of books, novels, short reads, journals, puzzle books, etc and selling them via websites like Amazon Kindle and Createspace (for printed books). The industry is growing at a phenomonal rate and good money is being made. If you don’t think you could write a book – think again – many of these books are as little as 10,000 words and can be written in a couple of days. There are some wonderful courses out there teaching people how to write and promote their books and journals for profit. One of the best and most genuine is from indie publisher Anne Wolfinger.

She wrote one non-fiction book and, so far, that book has earned her more than US$92,000. Anne published the book five years ago and it continues to consistently bring in profit each month, with no ads or even email marketing. This same book has brought in over $92,995 in its lifetime so far. In her course, she tells all, step-by-step, so anyone can follow her success tactics. Find out more here!

And YES … you will be making $US dollars to boot … that US$92,000 is more like NZ$135,000. Wouldn’t that be a great “first home buyer” deposit – and that book will continue to earn money for Anne for many years to come. Read Anne’s story now …

Now note – I just said US dollars. As you probably know by now – the currency of the internet is predominantly US dollars, so any money you earn from internet marketing/affiliate marketing will be in US dollars. Now THIS is why affiliate marketing for we New Zealanders is so attractive – because when you get paid US$300.00 for one week of sales from your affiliate links – that converts to – as at 12-01-2017 – the conversion into NZ dollars is 0.68 = NZ$440.

WOW – you just got a bonus of $140.00 that you didn’t have to do anything for – free money in a sense – how cool is that? And remember – our NZ conversion rate is fluctuating all the time. That bonus gets bigger and bigger if, and when, that NZ conversion rate falls – even better huh?! Six years ago the rate was 0.57 and your bonus would have been over $225.00 – it will happen again – given time – hang-on for the ride!

This income is RESIDUAL – meaning – once you do the work – you keep getting paid for that work month after month from the sales that you make online from your own REAL websites and blogs – you don’t have to repeat that work again the next week – you just keep adding to your existing site with more and more new money making links. This, of course, is the direct opposite of going to a physical job where, if you don’t turn up, you don’t get paid – you know that sinking feeling when you’re sick and you’ve used up all your sick leave – ugggh! No dosh that week huh!

NOW – you can see how amazing this method of earning your living is. What New Zealand employer is going to give you a $225 bonus every week over and above your weekly wage? Hmmmm…can you think of any? NOW are you starting to see the amazing benefits of affiliate marketing for New Zealanders? You bet you are!

So – getting back to how much you could earn – well you can see how quickly even a reasonably modest amount of effort put into building your own affiliate marketing sites will pay off. The sky is really the limit – the more work you put in – the more you can expect to make. And if you are thinking that you have to have some kind of specialist website building knowledge to get started – well you don’t. There are some very easy (non technical) ways to get started – Suzi explains a number of these in her easy step-by-step course.

Oh yes – now for the last question – ditching the day job!

I certainly don’t suggest you get all carried away, announce to the world and all your friends that you are launching a new career – and then march into your bosses office and tell him where he can “shove” his excuse for a job. That wouldn’t be a smart move – yet – anyway. But who knows – one day you might be able to – and just remember when you do – to take a video camera with you – we can all do with as much “inspiration” as we can get!

There is real excitement in this industry as you see the fruits of your labours begin to pay off. It’s a wonderful feeling to wake up in the morning to check your overnight sales statistics and see money sitting in your accounts that you didn’t have to go out the door to make. After 6 years of working this industry, I still get a buzz from it – and still love to get email reminders from merchants with “You just made another sale” in the subject line – it’s a great feeling!

So – hopefully – in principal – this is all starting to make logical sense to you. YES – there is work involved – there are no fr.ee lunches here – but if you are prepared to invest 2 hours a night over the next few days and months by following one of the plans I recommend – you will be well on your way to increased financial freedom for you and those who are important to you.

Immerse yourself in the wonderful and exciting world of internet marketing – done the RIGHT WAY – the REAL WAY!

If you think this site could be of interest to any of your friends and family please let them know – i’m keen to get a little community of like minded thinkers going here.

Let’s get this blog humming over the coming weeks and months – I’m excited – and you should be too….